The Team Behind Conscious

At Conscious, we pioneer transformational technologies that elevate human consciousness

Welcome To Conscious

We are a small team of inspired individuals dedicated to elevating human consciousness through emerging technologies and meditation.

Our mission is devoted to answering a single question: “What will most positively impact the wellbeing of humanity?”

Our products, our services, and our culture are our answers to this question.

Our Vision, Our World

If you were to ask anyone, “How would you like to feel right now?”

Regardless of age, gender, location, culture, or nationality, their answer would always be some form of “happy”.

Happiness is a universal aspiration.

We all want to be happy and perform at our best, but so often our challenges disrupt our inner balance and prevent us from reaching our fullest potential.

When our minds and bodies become hijacked by stress, our capacity to experience happiness and optimal performance is blocked.

At Conscious, we believe in the power and potential inherent in every human being to fulfill this universal calling.

Everything we do is dedicated to undoing the burden chronic stress, and increasing humanity’s capacity for happiness and wellbeing.

Conscious Global Movement

The world is in a state of transition. Today, the levels of mental, physical and emotional stress of human beings all over the world is reaching extraordinary new heights.

This sustained stress undermines our potential, diminishes productivity, shreds our attention, and places strain on our closest and our global relationships.

At Conscious, we believe that while we can’t often control what happens in our lives, we can always learn to better control how we respond to all that we experience.

We see Conscious as more than a platform devoted to the personal wellbeing of individuals.

To us, Conscious is a global movement that stands for an empowered and elevated human consciousness.

We are here to make a choice:

To either continue to suffer the debilitating effects of chronic stress, while distracting ourselves for moments of respite at the cost of our mental, physical and spiritual health and growth,


To choose to consciously recondition our mental habits of stress and reactivity by leveraging our mind’s greater capacity through self-awareness and meditation.

Everyday, all around the world, humanity is experiencing the effect of this choice.

And yet,

In the midst of this worldwide epidemic of stress, the emergence of transformational technologies is making it more accessible than ever before to make the choice for a greater individual, and therefore collective, freedom and happiness.

Joined together in hearts, minds, and technology, we are here to advance the frontiers of human possibility.


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