The Science Behind Conscious

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Research-Driven Personal Transformation

The past decade has seen an unprecedented increase in the quantity and quality of scientific research demonstrating the benefits of meditation in almost every arena of human endeavour.

In aligning the timeless wisdom of meditation practice with the latest innovations in technology, Conscious offers individuals a way to down-regulate everyday stresses and dissolve the steep learning curve of personal transformation.

Introducing Conscious Coherence™

Conscious Coherence™ is a unique, evidence-based meditation that combines the far-reaching benefits of mindfulness and heart-brain coherence through the application of contactless biofeedback technology.


A growing body of scientific research confirms that the opposite of a stressed and agitated mind is a mindful one. Through guided instruction in mindfulness, Conscious Coherence™ helps to reverse the effects of chronic stress by retraining the focus habits of the brain and positively altering four major neural pathways that are associated with: Reaction to Disturbing Events (Stress)Compassion and Empathy Attention and FocusSelf Esteem and Mood

Heart-Brain Coherence

It has been discovered that when people report their highest sense of wellbeing, their electrocardiograms (heart-rhythm) are in a state of entrainment with their electroencephalograms (brain waves) - a state known as heart-brain coherence. When the heart is in a state of coherence with the brain, the individual more easily experiences meditative states, greater cognitive performance and increased resilience to stress.

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